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Date December 2016
Vol. No. Vol. 26 No. 4
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.14329/apjis.2016.26.4.489
Page 489~508
Title Factors Affecting User Acceptance of Mobile Commerce Services
Author Jungho Jun, Kyoung Jun Lee, Byung Gon Kim
Keyword Service-related factors; Technology-related factors; Technology Acceptance Model (TAM); Mobile Commerce Service (MCS)
Abstract Growth in the use of mobile commerce services (MCS) as an enabler to conduct business more effectively has been phenomenal. Technology acceptance model (TAM) has been applied in different contexts to examine a wide range of information technology. As more and more companies are finding ways to utilize MCS, an important issue is to understand what factors will affect the decisions of consumers in adopting the services. Based on TAM with two additional groups of external factors (i.e., service-related factors [ubiquitous access and contextual service] and technology-related factors [perceived security risk and network connectivity]) that are theoretically justified to affect both perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, which are also consid-ered, a research model for the investigated technology acceptance was developed and empirically examined.The major results of this study are as follows. First, ubiquitous access affects perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Contextual service affects perceived usefulness. Second, perceived security risk affects perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use. Finally, network connectivity affects perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use.

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