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The Journal for Information Professionals

Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (APJIS), a Scopus and ABDC indexed journal, is a
flagship journal of the information systems (IS) field in the Asia Pacific region.

ISSN 2288-5404 (Print) / ISSN 2288-6818 (Online)

Editor : Seung Hyun Kim

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Information for Authors

  • Editorial Policy
  • Ethics in Research
  • Submission Guidelines
  • General Guidelines

    Manuscripts should be written in English and submitted through the APJIS Online Submission System (http://www.manuscriptlink.com/journals/apjis).


    Manuscripts must be prepared using word-processing software and should not exceed 35 pages.


    When a manuscript is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to email short author biographies of no more than 150 words in electronic form, portrait photographs, and the final version of the work.


    The title and abstract of the work should be indicated in the first page. A concise abstract is required. The abstract should not be more than 200 words. Authors should select no more than five keywords to describe their paper's theoretical and methodological orientation. The keywords should be placed under the abstract on the first page in the manuscript file.
    APJIS-Cover title page-sample APJIS-Paper-sample


    Authors should not identify themselves (e.g. author's name and affiliation) in the manuscript file. Authors' biographies and research interests should be provided as a separate document when submitting a manuscript.


    All figures and tables (including titles, numbers, table notes, figure elements and explanatory notes) in the manuscript should be presented clearly in black and white to prevent delays and challenges encountered in the production stage.


    Footnotes should be placed on the pages following the text body and should be numbered consecutively, indicated as a superscript to the text.



    Reference Format

    References in text should be formatted as in the examples below and must be included in the Reference section, and vice versa. A few examples are (Adams, 2007), (Adams, 2007; Brown, 2008), According to Adams (2007), etc.


    Citation ordering and format should follow the articles published in APJIS. References must be complete, i.e., include, as appropriate, last name and initials of all authors, volume, issue, year, publisher, city and state, editors, page numbers, etc.


    Sequence: Entries should be ordered alphabetically (in text and Reference section) according to authors' or editors' last names, or the title of the work for items with no author or editor listed.


    References in text: These must be included in the Reference section and vice versa. References in text should be of the format (Jhon et al., 1995; Smith, 1996).


    References to items in periodicals: These must include author, year, title, journal, volume, issue, pages. For authors, last names are given first, even for multiple instances.


    References to reports or proceedings: These must include the author's name and title of report (same style as above), report number, source, editor and/or publisher as appropriate, city and state/country of publisher or full name of conference as appropriate, including date and pages.


    References to books: These must include the author's name (same style as above), year, title, city, state/country, publisher, page, or chapter.


    Use of et al.: Authors may not use "et al." in the Reference section. The names of all authors and editors must be listed. APJIS encourages you to use Endnotes. When you use Endnotes, please check your references to ensure that the settings are correct and all authors are listed in the references.


    Following the acceptance for publication in APJIS, authors are required to fill up and submit a signed Copyright Transfer Agreement.
    APJIS-Copyright Transger Agreement



    Submission/Publication Fees

    No submission and publication fees are required for all submissions.

  • Review Process

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