APJIS Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems


The Journal for Information Professionals

Asia Pacific Journal of Information Systems (APJIS), a Scopus and ABDC indexed journal, is a
flagship journal of the information systems (IS) field in the Asia Pacific region.

ISSN 2288-5404 (Print) / ISSN 2288-6818 (Online)

Editor : Seung Hyun Kim

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Is there any APJIS membership fee?

No, the APJIS membership is free. You can join APJIS through a simple registration process in our online review system (www.e-apjis.or.kr).

Are submission and publication fees required for APJIS?

Currently, no submission and publication fees are required for all submissions.

How can I submit my paper to APJIS for review?

APJIS has its own online review system. Please visit the site at www.e-apjis.or.kr. Also, The submission guideline for authors is downloadable from www.apjis.or.kr/files/ACOMS_APJIS_Author's_Guide.pdf.

How frequently is APJIS published?

APJIS publishes quarterly. Publication is made on the last day of March, June, September, and December each year. Special issues can also be published, if necessary.

When my paper is accepted, what are the required processes for publication?

When accepted for publication, the author should submit the electronic copy of the final work to the online review system with the author information (www.e-apjis.or.kr). In addition, the complete form of Copyright Transfer Agreement should be sent to the editor-in-chief through apjis@kmis.or.kr. The Copyright Transfer Agreement form is downloadable from www.apjis.or.kr/files/Copyright_Transfer_Agreement(APJIS).pdf.

If I want to organize a Special Issue in APJIS, what should I do?

Potential Guest Editor(s) who would like to propose a Special Issue are invited to prepare a proposal and then submit it to the editor-in-chief through apjis@kmis.or.kr. Then, the Senior Editorial team will consider whether the proposal is of interest to the journal. When you submit the proposal, it needs to include at least the following: the title of the Special Issue, a brief CV of the proposed Guest Editors, a statement of the Special Issue's significance for information systems area, an outline time schedule, and so on. If you have any question, you can contact the editor-in-chief through apjis@kmis.or.kr.

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